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My wife and I have recently returned from a 16-day trip to Japan. I must say that we were so fortunate to have found Mr. Takaki's website in our planning stage. I contacted him and began what was to be an ongoing conversation about what we wanted to see and do during our time in Japan. He provided us with a high level of invaluable advice and service that was not anticipated. Once Mr. Takaki had sufficient information from us he put together an itinerary including all of the train connections that we should take and suggestions as to hotels to use. We had no idea that he would go to all this work on or behalf pro bono. He also set us up with 2 other guides in cities along our route. The service rendered was next-to-none and so appreciated by us. During our trip, not a thing planned by Mr. Takaki went afoul and he was in constant contact with us via email making sure everything was going well. His interest in making our trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience was genuine and serious. Little details were no less important than the larger plans and decisions that made up the itinerary. Everything went like clockwork and he and the other guides were certainly open to adjustments on a daily basis based on our interests and energy reserves. It is without hesitation that we highly recommend Mr. Takaki to anyone planning on doing a trip to Japan on their own and who require the expertise of someone who is not only extremely familiar with the country but is a superb guide as well. Don't look any further - book him for your trip-of-a-lifetime.

Oct.2018 / Brian & Doris / Ajax, Canada.

My time with Mr. Takaki was really exceptional. Despite the fact that I do not speak Japanese, he made my first visit to Japan a memorable experience. His English was fluent and spontaneous. His manners were friendly and respectful. The gracious and personal attention Mr. Takaki gave me was remarkable. I was never bored and we had interesting conversations. He modified the tours many times not only to accommodate my personal tastes but to fit my needs like slowing down when I wanted to. Mr Takaki was very interesting and always willing to give me historic and artistic details which I would not have obtained without him. He went out of his way to make sure I would get the best Japanese experience. I highly recommend the services of Mr. Takaki to anyone who wants to experience in a friendly manner, modern and ancient Japan and its people. art, sites, food and life style.

Oct. 2018 / J.M / Single traveler / Oregon, USA.

If you need a personal guide through Tokyo and other areas of Japan plus expert guidance with train travel and details of your itinerary, look no further. Just e-mail Masahisa Takaki at masahisa.takaki@gmail.com . He will counsel you from the beginning of your planning to the end with advice on where to go, how to get there and hands-on guiding to major attractions, train schedules, seat assignments, restaurants and all that matters to make your trip more enjoyable. He does so with impeccable attention to detail, good humor and a great sense of propriety at a reasonable price. Do not hesitate to hire him.

Sep.2018 / Sandy and Stan Krawetz / Sarasota, FL, U.S.A

We have arrived home to the USA Today, and I want to thank you and your excellent deputy guides , Mr. Mitsui and Ms. Tsuyama for showing us everything in Hiroshima and Tokyo that we wanted to see plus much more. They both were very flexible to our requests and questions , informative and always very polite. We saw many interesting sights and were busy the entire day . You are fortunate to have such excellent people to depend on for guides and representatives of Japan. I also want to thank you very much for organizing our agenda and time schedule for the various high speed trains, ordinary trains and ferry boats. You made our travel very efficient and it would have been very difficult for me to do alone. I appreciate your quick responses to all of my emails. It would give me great pleasure to recommend your service to anyone traveling to Japan.

May.2018 / Ms.G.M. and her friends / Chicago, U.S.A

I call our travelling together around Tokyo with pleasure – you were an excellent guide, very competent and informative. I remember every detail of the tea ceremony in the Hamarikyu Garden, river cruise on the Sumida , our search for the map of Japan until finally we found the place where they sold it to us. Execution in Edo History museum might have been shorten, but I understand that the lady-guide who gave us a tour of the museum was very devoted to her profession. In general, my trip to Japan was very successful and now I am sorting out the details. Again, thank you very much for your accompanying me in Tokyo and hope we meet again.

Jun.2017 / Y.M. / Single traveler / Vladivostok. Russia

We are back in Honolulu and wanted to thank you so much for providing us with two great days of sightseeing, touring greater Tokyo, your warm friendship as well as your abundant knowledge of Japan. As it was our very first trip to Japan, my sister Lois and I truly appreciated the personal care you took in preparing our itinerary for the two, half-day tours of greater Tokyo. From meeting us at our hotel and throughout the tours each day, we felt very welcome, safe and comfortable…like visiting a new place with a dear friend. We truly appreciated your kindness, wealth of information and your pleasant demeanor. Your willingness to help us find special things in Japan were truly appreciated, especially our family seal, which we were able to order and pick up while we were still vacationing in Japan. Your recommendations as to other interesting places to explore were also very much appreciated and helpful. We could not have asked for more, as our expectations were met exceedingly! We have many photos to remember our first visit to Japan and hope to return again soon! Thank you again for helping make this momentous trip, one that we will remember and cherish always.

Apr.2017/ A.H. and her sister/ Hawaii,U.S.A

Thank you very much for the terrific help you provided guiding me and my son last week. Thanks you also for the help you provided before we arrived, and in setting up the guide in Kyoto (she was great). My son and I had a truly remarkable visit and with your help there was no stress involved. So appreciative. I should have added that (1) there trip to the airport was stress free and quick thanks to the guide you arranged, and (2) that the guide for the first day was great as well and even though we only spent one day with him he was enjoyable and knowledgeable. Thanks again.

Apr. 2017/ J.R and his son/ Boston, U.S.A

We first went on a Tokyo walking tour with Mr Takaki in September 2015. We wanted a walk that would suit our parents who are in their 70s. We thoroughly enjoyed the walk and particularly appreciated Mr Takaki's thoughtfulness, not only in terms of his commentary, but also the way he paced the walk for our parents. We went on another walking tour with Mr Takaki in August 2016, this time with a young friend who was interested in the history of Tokyo as well as Japanese fabrics. Again Mr Takaki customised the walk to suit our party's interests. It was another fun and informative day, and we hope to meet with Mr Takaki again in the future.

Sep.2015 and 2016/ J.D. and his family/ J.D. and his friend/Australia

Mr. Takaki was amazing! We booked a last minute trip from Canada to Japan and Mr. Takaki was able to accommodate us with just a few days notice. His communication was always prompt and he even met us at our place of accommodation! Since it was our first time traveling to Japan, Mr. Takaki showed us how to use the train systems and get around. He tailored the tour to the sites we wanted to see and even had recommendations for us for the rest of our trip. Because we started our trip with Mr. Takaki on the first day, we were more knowledgeable the rest of our time in Japan. He taught us the difference between shrines and temples and how to enter and pray correctly. He even took us to the greatest sushi we ever had! We still think about how delicious that sushi was! He was also very friendly and patient to our frequent stops for photos. Opt for the longer tour and it will be well worth your time! The time spent with Mr. Takaki was truly memorable and we are very thankful he was able to accommodate us. We love Japan and will be back soon! Hoping to cross paths again!

Apr. 2016/ M.L./ Young couple/ Calgary, Canada

Masahisa, I wanted to take the time to Thank You for such a Well Thought Out & Properly Planned Trip for I and Families.
·The MK Taxi/Limousine Service is Top Notch
·The Tour Guides that are under your Organization are all Amazing and each come with different Skills, Information Etc.
·Each Guide had a High Level of Expertise, Caring for my Family, Kids and every situation that arose there was always a Solution! I'm so Grateful that we Experienced what we did.
·The Trip was so Amazing & Fascinating.

Mar.2016/ R.S and his family/ Hawaii, U.S.A

We are going back to the US tomorrow as we have completed a wonderful family vacation here in Japan. We can't recall a better time spent overseas and your guidance gave us numerous moments that we shall cherish for years to come.
We will certainly refer our friends to you in the future and if you need any references, feel free to use our contact. We will be more than happy to tell anyone about our Japan tour stories. If you are visiting San Francisco area, please make sure to let us know and we will certainly be your tour guide.
Attached are our photos together. Again, thank you very much for everything!

Jul. 2015/ Jun, Lisa and Family/ San Francisco, California, U.S.A

We spent some time looking at various tour books and group tours for our two week trip to Japan. We came across Mr. Masahisa Takaki and we would highly recommend his guide services and suggestions for visiting Japan. Visiting Japan could be overwhelming, if you do not speak Japanese and want to visit some non-English areas. During multiple e-mails, a tour plan was developed which included visiting Tokyo and surrounding areas, Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, and Hiroshima. He made arrangements for us with other Japanese guides, who also shared their love of Japan and want to show visitors their region and want visitors to experience their region. During our visit, he catered to our schedules, our interests, and at the pace we wanted. We together made several changes to our tour plan during our visit in the Tokyo area due to weather (visiting the Fuji area) and the alternatives were wonderful including visiting Kawaagoe during prime cherry blossom time. This is an area where local Japanese go and enjoy sitting under the cherry blossom trees with their family, friends, and business associates. There was a large group of woman performing traditional Japanese dances. We also visited Mt. Takao and hiked down the wooded path to the chair lift. Also, we visited the temples and shrines of the Kamakura-Yokohama area and walked along the beach on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean. We live on the western side of the ocean. Mr. Takaki worked in business (wore a white shirt and dark suit) and became a certified guide post-retirement. He is a long time Tokyo resident, so he knew the most interesting places and how to get to them. Each morning he met us at our hotel, took us through the labyrinth subway/train system to the Tsukiji Fish Market and a host of many interesting places, sights, and neighborhoods. We would not be able to navigate the city's 14 train and subway lines with the efficiency and knowledge to get to places without getting lost multiple times. We did not have a Japanese smart phone to use Google map. Our experience with Mr. Takaki, Mr. Saito, and Ms. Nakayama was excellent. They all were very punctual, knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and speak English very well. We were able to learn not only about the places we visited, but also about various Japanese lifestyle and traditions. They were willing to stop at any place, answer our sometimes dumb questions, share their experiences, and talk about every day stuff. We had lunch in local inexpensive places with extraordinary and delicious food. He recommended probably the best sushi restaurant (Suchi-zanmai Honten) in Tokyo near the Tsukiji Market which was extremely reasonably price. The toto tuna melted in your month, along with other fish species.
Mr. Takaki will assist in making your trip to Japan the most unforgettable experience ever. Mr. Takaki's website says "Are you looking for a real experience in Japan not just the standard tourist attractions? I can help you." You will not be disappointed.

Apr. 2015 / Surridges / Husband and wife / Washington State, USA

I was in Tokyo for a couple of days on my way back home from a business trip. This was my first time in Japan. I contacted Mr. Takaki for a 2 day tour. He was available the first day and recommended his colleague, Mr. Tamura, for the second day.
Mr Takaki organized a schedule to visit different places. My experience with both of them was excellent. Both are very punctual, knowledgeable, friendly, and speak English very well. With them, I was able to learn not only about the places we visited, but also about a the Japanese daily lifestyle. They were willing to stop at any place, answer questions, accommodate my request, share their experiences, and learn about my country. We used public transportation and had lunch in local cheap places with extraordinary food. After the first day, I did not feel overwhelmed by the city and was able to take the metro and go out by myself.
Tokyo is an amazing city. I hope I can come back soon with my family. If I do so, I will certainly contact Mr. Takaki or Mr. Tamura again.

January.2015 / A.P. / Single traveler / Mexico City, Mexico

My wife and myself had only a few days in Tokyo and booked a guided tour with Mr. Takaki on a Sunday afternoon.
Unbelievable but the program fitted into an afternoon to have all the importet spots in Tokio visited. We used the metro and got familiar with it to use it afterwards on our own. We have checked the most interesting places, some hidden shrines, some shopping areas, the tower of tokio, the palace and his garden. Mr. Takaki was able to show us the highlights so we could manage the remaining two days easily on our own. It was really worth it to have this first overview about Japan and Tokyo. I would do it again like this. Many thanks to Mr. Takaki.

Oct. 2014/ Thomas & Maria/ Husband and wife/ Switzerland

We were introduced to Takaki-San from my colleague and engaged him for our trip to Japan in Early August 2014. Takaki-San is a great tour guide who introduced us to many new places and tailored the trip according to what he could tell we liked. We were also introduced to many great authentic restaurants and places for shopping and sightseeing, that we would have never discovered if we were on our own. He is extremely knowledgeable about the area and was able to tell us very much about the places we visited, especially the their history (Not just in historical places, but also in modern areas). He also was able to communicate with us clearly and was very fun to tour around Tokyo with. He is also extremely polite and patient, as he is willing to bring us to many places even those that are outside his comfort zone, such as the Maid Cafes in Akihabara. We were happy to start off the day touring around Tokyo with him! It was an unforgettable experience with my Son and I and I would definitely recommend Takaki-san to anyone looking for a guide in Japan.

August.2014/ Ann and Zachary Loke/ Mother and Son/ Singapore

Masahisa was our guide for 2 days we found his services on the internet and I liked his web page.
First Masahisa showed us around Tokyo, showing us the fish markets, the young fashion district, emperors palace, Tokyo business district, Ginza , Tokyo tower, Harajuku, Omotesando, Asakusa, we really enjoyed it because we got to understand how the subway works and he saved us a lot of time via his knowledge.
On the 2nd day we took a train to Kamakura and we visited many shrines and temples and the great Buddha it was really nice as it got us out of the fast pace of Tokyo. We then headed back to Ginza for a great sushi lunch.
We highly can recommend Masahisa as a guide he is very polite, punctual and a lovely person.

Aug. 2014 /B.S. /Husband and wife /Sydney. Australia

Having read favorable client reviews in Mr. Takaki's website, we decided to hire his services. My husband and I wanted to make a stop over in Japan together with our daughter and experience staying at a Ryokan with a private hot spring bath known as Onsen. We read much about this wonderful Japanese style hotel and were also curious about experiencing bathing Onsen style. After a few exchanges on email with Mr. Takaki, he recommended a two-night stay at a Ryokan equipped with a private Onsen in the northern part of Tokyo. Ikaho which is about 3 hours from Narita was worth the length of time to get to. It is a small town known for hot water spring baths and many Ryokan accommodations. Mr. Takaki's recommendation did not disappoint. He met us at the airport and we then proceeded via train to Ikaho, Shibuwaka City, Gunma Prefecture. When we arrived at this small and quaint town, we checked in at our Ryokan. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to experience our first night dining Japanese style at the Ryokan where typically, dinner and breakfast are served privately at a specified time. We decided to venture out into the town, 5 minutes drive. We were dropped off at the top of the popular Ishidan Stone Stairway. What a pleasant surprise to walk down the steps discovering many little shops and elegant places to eat! The view from the top was spectacular! We chose to dine at a small restaurant that served very delicious ramen noodles. When we arrived back at the Ryokan, Mr. Takaki made arrangements for our breakfast and left us to enjoy the rest of the evening. How we marveled at soaking in the Onsen! Our sleeping mattresses were neatly and comfortably laid on the tatami mats, there was hot tea to indulge in and we simply enjoyed unwinding in the Onsen overlooking the night sky. We rinsed off at the Japanese style shower and then put on our traditional Yukata's provided for our use while in the Ryokan and went to bed. It was the most comfortable sleep we've ever had wearing the Yukata! The following morning, they cleared our mattresses before serving us breakfast, Japanese style. In a Ryokan, having your meal and sleep all take place on the tatami mat. The japanese staff graciously come in and out serving course after course for meals and then clear and move the tables to one side before laying out the mattresses after dinner. For breakfast, it's the opposite where they clear the mattresses first, move the tables back to the center of the room where breakfast can begin to be served. A truly wonderful experience! We spent our last afternoon walking around the small town and looked forward to our last Onsen bath and sleeping on the comfortable mattresses laid out on the tatami floor of our quarters. We are glad to have experienced dinner on our last night, Japanese style. Quite elegant and enjoyable! Thank you Mr. Takaki for this wonderful and unforgettable Ryokan and Onsen experience. We look forward to hiring your services again in the future and will certainly recommend you to our friends and colleagues. For anyone looking for a unique adventure to unwind in Japan, we highly recommend a Ryokan and Onsen experience. The price of the accommodation and the trip to the mountains is well worth the expense. Guaranteed from our personal experience!

Apr. 2014 /Gabriel, Seraphina and Angel from New York en route to the Philippines /Family

My wife and I took our first trip to Japan. We are both post-Medicare age. Prior to our trip we purchased a Lonely Planet Japan Guide Book and studied our proposed itinerary. We were overwhelmed, there is so much to see and do, and we do not speak Japanese. We started in Nagasaki, a small city which we were able to tour successfully on our own. We then took the Shinkansen to Kyoto, a larger city 1.5 million people and we had a Tea Ceremony and an afternoon bus tour as well as bus trip to Nara Then came the daunting prospect of Tokyo 13.5 million people, 13 separate subway lines, lack of knowledge of the Japanese language and pages of recommended sites to visit in the Lonely Planet Guide all arranged by section of the city of Tokyo. Fortunately I had a friend who had recently visited Japan. "You have to get a guide" he said. I searched the internet and stumbled upon Mr Masahisa Takaki. He assured us we would be "welcomed in my country", and we were ! He is a man who worked all his life in business, then became a government certified guide post-retirement. We were told that retired men are called "wet leaves" in Japan, because they are not easy for wives sweep away as dry leaves are. They insert themselves into their wives lives. Mr Takaki has avoided becoming a wet leaf and he has created a new career for himself and he was very useful to us. A lifelong Tokyo resident he knew the most interesting places and how to get to them. He met us at our hotel, took us through the labyrinthine subway system to the Tsukiji Fish Market, then to a beautiful Hama Rikyu garden with every tree and blade of grass perfectly manicured. A lovely Tea House situated on a little pond. We went back on the subway, changed subway lines twice and arrived at the Emperor Meji Shinto shrine, then Takashita Dori a street lined with shops for the young people and bustling with costumed teens. It was fun to see and walk through. He took us to a Japanese Ramen Restaurant for lunch that we never would have found by ourselves- delicious ! Then to an upscale toy shop for our grandchildren and an Artisans Collaborative, a street filled with shops having kitchen utensils and Quilt Shop (we requested because my wife is a quilter). The following day we were able to navigate the subway system on our own after his tutorial and go back to the toy store and Artisan collaborative for shopping and to the Tea House for afternoon tea. He was unable to meet us the following day so he arranged for Mr Kenshiro Tamura, also post retirement in a new career, to meet us at our hotel. Mr Tamura was equally competent and friendly and took us to the East Garden of the Emperor's Palace and all through the huge gardens and moats. He took us to the Sumo area and we had lunch at a Japanese Restaurant which we would never have found on our own. There was a Sumo Ring in the restaurant and I had my photo taken after a delicious lunch. We ended at the Edo Tokyo Museum, which we enjoyed immensely So you see all the things we did without having to worry, or figure out how to get to, or even think of which places we should visit. Tokyo is a beautiful city,but huge in size and we had only a few days to visit. We would highly recommend this guide service to tourists visiting Tokyo.

Mar. 2014/ Dan & Mary Shea/ Husband and wife/ Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

My husband and I contacted Mr. Takaki thru his website. We visited Japan for 5 days, starting out at Narita. Since we were arriving from a long trip coming from San Francisco, Mr. Takaki suggested we break our journey and stay a night at Narita so we can rest. It was a good suggestion as we were exhausted when we arrived at Narita! We enjoyed the afternoon visit, walking through the town on our way to Narita Temple. We were able to rest through the night before moving on to our next destination.The following day we arrived at Hakone and booked a night's stay at Yugawara Ryokan based on the recommendation of Mr. Takaki. The experience is worth it! Mr. Takaki did not disappoint us with his suggestion and he was very efficient in securing our tickets to visit Mt. Fuji. We were lucky to see Mt. Fuji on a perfectly clear day. The following day we proceeded to Takayama for 2 days with a day trip to Shirikawa-go. Again, we trusted the recommendations of Mr. Takaki and he did not disappoint us. We were so delighted to see a World Heritage Site that is uniquely Japanese in culture and history.We enjoyed Hida Beef, Takayama's pride when it comes to local dining paired with local beer and Shochu. Mr. Takaki took us to a neighborhood restaurant, Le Midi, in Takayama and we were reminded of Paris and Italy with its quaint atmosphere.Overall, our 5 days turned out to be quite memorable with the Mr. Takaki as our personal tour guide. The next time we return to Japan, we will definitely contact Mr. Takaki again for his tour services. He is easy to communicate with and open to our suggestions as well.Thank you Mr. Takaki for a job well done and the great personal service you provided for us for the entire 5 days.

Jan. 2014/ Jude and Lucy Carpio/ Husband and wife/ San Francisco, California, U.S.A

My daughters and I visited Tokyo for 8 days and while planning our trip I found Mr. Takaki on the internet. I began to communicate with him our plans and he was very warm and accommodating with our requests. He was quick to reply and easy to communicate with. We hired his services for two days and we all had a wonderful time sightseeing Tokyo! We did a lot of walking but it was well worth the experience as Mr. Takaki showed us how to use the very confusing subway and he walked us around areas that normally tourists would not know exist. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes! I am very happy to have met him and will certainly hire his services the next time we return to Tokyo. Thank you very much Mr. Takaki for being so kind and helpful to us! On days that he was not available, Mr. Takaki graciously recommended other tour guides to help us. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends who plan to visit Tokyo. He has a big heart of kindness!

What I loved about Mr. Takaki was his light and warm personality. He was very easy going and comfortable to be around and showed us the city of Tokyo from a locals perspective. He was knowledgeable about the history of the city and was able to give us insights on old and new Tokyo. I would definitely recommend anyone planning to tour around Tokyo to have Mr. Takaki as their guide and they will surely not be disappointed.

October.2013/ Rina, Mara and their family/ Manila Philippines

I and my sister, also with my cousins visiting Tokyo last June 6th 2013, at the time we had been supported by Mr. Masahisa as our Tour Guide. He has shown his kind since the first time we communicate through email before we arrived. During the Day Tour, he always help us in accommodating the place that we want to see, he also always explain about the story and the history all of places that we've visited. In mid day, he gave us a memorable time by experiencing a lunch time in traditional Japan Restaurant and it was really nice lunch. Overall, Mr. Masahisa is well recommended Tour Guide, he is very kind, & calm, understanding, also considerate. We wish to meet him again someday for another tour in Japan.

Jun.2013/ Dony and his family/ Jakarta Indonesia

Being this was my first time in Tokyo, I really enjoyed both days that I toured the city with you. It was very enjoyable and educational. Since I was unsure of the best way to get to my apartment upon my arrival, your advice was exactly what I needed. Your help with understanding the subway and ticketing process gave me the confidence to get around on my own quite well. This help took away my stress and anxiety and allowed me to enjoy the experience and the adventure of discovering a new city. Thank you so much for your time and sharing such a wonderful city with me.

March 2013/ T.S./ Single traveller/ Dallas, USA

My family recently returned from a winter holiday in Japan. In most of the destinations, we hired local tour guides who were professional and informative. However, we must say that Mrs. Nanako was, by far, the best. She is organised, punctual, speaks fluent English and her knowledge of the local area and history is outstanding. She has a very warm friendly personality and is also really good company. *Nanako was dispatched in place of Mr.Takaki when he was occupied. To arrange our 14 day tour we corresponded with Mr. Takaki via email, he offered advice and guidance on putting together an itinerary that best suited our requirements. In summary, we have no hesitation in recommending his guiding service as a tour guide. You will not be disappointed.

April 2013/ Sarah and Patric/Young couple/Perth, Australia

As first time travellers to Japan speaking no Japanese Takaki-san was the perfect tour guide. He is so friendly and professional, and arranged an unforgettable morning filled with cultural experiences which we would not have been able to have but for his help. We visited a Sumo morning training, the Edo Tokyo museum and finally a traditional tea ceremony for a morning packed with history and tradition. Each experience gave us a small insight into the fascinating depths of formality and beauty still much respected in the land of the Rising Sun. Thank you so much Takaki-san, your wealth of local and historical knowledge, friendly demeanour and excellent English gave us a chance to experience a side to Tokyo we will never forget.

Dec.2012/ C.Y.C/ Two families/ Jakarta. Indonesia

We totally enjoyed having you be our guide around Tokyo. The information that you gave along the way really helped us to appreciate the history and culture of places. We liked that you were willing to accommodate changes to the itinerary. Without doubt we will be recommending your services to our friends.

Dec.2012/ David, Christine and Enoch/ Family/ Melbourne. Australia

Where do I even begin to review such a memorable, incredible guide? Let me rephrase that: by the end of the day, you will consider him a friend. Mr. Tataki is kind,thoughtful,considerate, understanding, adaptable but above all else, fun! He knows just about anything you ask him, and can explain it in a simple, easy to digest way. We went to small local restaurants and ate alongside regular Japanese people in a purely Japanese environment. Whether it was the ramen in Harajuku, or the Hida beef in Takayama, all our moments were fun and exciting. I will be hiring him next time I go to Japan, and that decision is not based on his knowledge, but on him as a person. No matter what the situation was at the moment he was flexible, never showing stress or discomfort; a true gentleman and professional. Please do not hesitate to email me if you wanna know anything else: theorlando@Gmail.com

Nov. 2012/O.A./Single traveler/ Miami, U.S.A.

Your guiding trip was excellent, we will for sure reccomended you to all our friends n family who will going to visit japan. Eventhough we're late for the start but mr masahisa still wait patiently and did show us all the places like in the itineary, and even more that its written. We go to mostly major tourist attractions in one day!!! , where maybe most people need more than 2-3 days to go and see those places. We are very happy to have you as our tour guide, not only we can learn more about the culture and history but you also make our trip here more effecient and easier, we know how to ride n see the right train platform etc :). My husband is very delighted with the trip, he want to go back to japan next year :)!! Thank you once again, and I hope we can meet again next time.

Oct. 2012/E.L/ Young couple/ Jakarta, Indonesia

If you plan to visit Japan I strongly suggest you hire a professional tour guide otherwise you will be wasting your valuable time trying to read maps, and other people's review who may not share same interests as you do.
I was very pleased when I contacted Mr. Takaki on my recent visit to Tokyo. He took his time asking me the right questions and inquired to know my interests, so he may create a personalized itinerary.
He is a very pleasant, calm, and most importantly very knowledgeable about history of events that shaped Japan. Every step of the way he and his associates took their time to explain small details that most people will leave off for sake of big picture. Bottom line in matter of 8 hours my friends and I were able to visit some of the most interesting sites in Tokyo, ride the massive and complicated train system, and enjoyed strolling through various shopping districts. Trust Mr. Takaki's judgments and allow him to personalized a tour itinerary, relax and enjoy what Japan has to offer.

May 2012/A.S/group/San Francisco, U.S.A.

I thoroughly enjoyed my guided tour of Tokyo with Mr.Takaki. He is very knowledgeable and his guided tour was exciting and very worthwhile. The best part was checking out the streets of Asakusa in downtown Tokyo, an experience I will never forget. I will definitely use him again next time I go to Japan. If you want to save yourself money and time, I definitely recommend using his service.

August 2011/J.H./Young family/ Brisbane, Australia

My name is Dorothy Johnson and I am from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. My husband and I were very fortunate to have Mr. Masahisa Takaki as our friend and guide for our stay in Tokyo. It was our first time visiting Japan.
Even before we arrived in Japan Mr. Takaki was assisting us in many ways. We wanted to stay at a traditional Japanese Ryokhan for my birthday. It was overwhelming trying to find the right one on the internet in a country that you have never been before. Also, we wanted an authentic Japanese experience but didn't have any experience in what that was so was unsure of where to book. Mr. Takaki provided us with a list of choices of several beautiful ryokans. He also assisted me in finding out about availability since some sites were completely in Japanese. It was a holiday weekend in Japan so places were full. Without Mr. Takaki, I know we would never found that beautiful ryokan nestled in the mountains, with a river right under our balcony. It was truly an authentic Japanese experience and it made my birthday unforgettable.
Mr. Takaki communicated with me often prior to our visit. He asked about what we were interested and what we most wanted to see during our visit. He also offered suggestions of the different activities and suggestions for my birthday weekend.
When we arrived in Japan. Mr. Takaki immediately contacted us and gave us specific instructions on which train to take and what the times were. He was very accurate and it was comforting to have some we can call in a strange, new place. When we arrived at the train station, Mr. Takaki was exactly on the platform he said he would be at waiting for us.
Mr. Takaki showed us all over Tokyo and the suburbs. He also took us on a day trip to Hakone. He checked us in our traditional ryokan kindly translating everything. My husband and I didn't know any Japanese except for a few words. For every kind of excursion we had planned, whether it be guided by him or not, Mr. Takaki gave us specific train instructions with the best times for our schedule. I can't say enough how invaluable it was for us to have his help. The transportation system in Japan is amazing and intimidating!
Mr. Takaki also was very kind to take the time to try and teach me the subway system. It's not easy and it is overwhelming, but really the best way to get around town. He also showed me the best places to shop for gifts and Japanese things to take home with us.
Mr. Takaki was knowledgeable and gave us all sorts of interesting stories and historical facts about the places we visited. He gave us glimpses of every day life. His English was excellent and we would of been so lost without his translation services.
We had appointments in Yokohama with Horiyoshi and Mr. Takaki assisted us in finding the small studio and made sure we had correct train times and schedules for future appointments.
We told Mr. Takaki the types of Japanese food that we loved and others we wanted to try. He then provided us with a list of different restaurants specializing in those things. Every suggestion made was perfect.
I have used private guides in 7 different countries and Mr. Takaki was by far the most thorough and organized guide we have ever had. He catered to our schedules, our interests, and at the pace we wanted. I thoroughly researched several different guides for our stay in Japan. Most offered less service for twice as much in guiding costs.
I absolutely and without hesitation recommend Mr. Takaki as a guide for any group of any size. If you use his services, you will be taken care of completely. He will assist in making your trip to Japan the most unforgettable experience ever.
I chose Mr. Takaki because on his website it says "It's like having a friend in Japan." That's what we wanted. He really made us feel like we had a friend in Japan. We are back home know and we still feel like we have a friend in Japan. Mr. Masahisa Takaki.

October 2010/ Dorothy Johnson/ Young couple /California U.S.A.

The tour was so great ! I saw lots of places that weren't usual tourist spots, but were really interesting, that I 'm sure most tourists wouldn't see. He was very knowledgeable, and a really nice and friendly guy. I hope to take different tours with him in the future, and find more unexplored gems in every corner of Tokyo!

Sept 2010. / T.P. / San Francisco, U.S.A.

Mr. Takaki's tour of Mt.Fuji was wouderful. He is very knowledgeableb about the wildlife and nature in Japan. I highly recommend his tour because it is unique and his flexible schedule can meat your needs. Have fun!

Sep 2010. / M.B. / Washington D.C., U.S.A.

I took a city tour with Mr.Takaki during my visit to Tokyo on August 2010. He was helpful, informative and polite. I would definitely recommend him for any visitor.

August 2010 / A.A. / Single traveler / Saudi Arabia

Simply, Mr.Takaki is the best tour guide we will find in Japan. He is very knowledgeable, patient and courteous. He can communicate in English in a very proficient manner, and he is very efficient in planning and arranging the itineraries. We especially enjoyed the tea ceremony he arranged for us in Okura Hotel in Tokyo. We would recommend him to anyone planning to visit Japan.

August 2010 / J.P. / Family with young children / New York, U.S.A.

I lucked into finding Mr. Takaki's homepage, which offered splendid guide services at quite low cost! I chose a half-day tour , which started bright and early at a famous sumo wrestling ring which was really impressive and up-close, not many outsiders have this experience, from here we headed to tsukiji for a feast of raw fish, filling our bellies with ambrosia!

May 2010 / E.J.G. (Stockbroker) / Mature couple / New York, U.S.A.

Upon my recent trip to Tokyo, particularly the Shinjuku area, on business, I found myself with some free time to fill. This being my first time in this fast paced and exciting city, I was quite enamored to explore it, but with no language ability or the slightest idea where to begin, I found Mr. Masahisa Takaki's web site. He was available at my convenience, cordial, fluent, impeccably dressed and mannered. He was concerned with what I was interested in doing, avoiding the cliché and obvious sight, and focused on tasteful areas to visit, eat and drink. Due to his assured guidance, my time on this city was informative, shocking, sublime and delicious. I would recommend him to, all who wish to explore the more tasteful and unexplored parts of Tokyo.

January 2010/W.J.(Commodities consultant)/Single traveler/Chicago, U.S.A.

Thanks Masa, for showing me a different side of Tokyo. I'm looking forward to coming back next year!

December 2009 / C.A.B. (Real Estate Sales) / Mature couple / Virginia, U.S.A.

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